Sunday, 11 December 2011

Microwaved Papadam & Fryums

I was looking for some easy microwave recipes & found this easy papadam recipe from
Always I used to fry papadam, but today I wanted to try in microwave.
Please check this post by Veggie Platter for more details.

I found the name for this colourful papadam as Fryums from the above blog. Anyway to make it roast, here are the steps.
-Place those Fryums in a flat microwavable plate with space between each to expand while roasting.
-Microwave in high for 20 seconds.
-it is ready to serve.

For the normal papadam,

-Place striped papadam (as we strip them before frying) in a flat microwavable plate with space between each to expand while roasting.
-Microwave in high for 30 seconds.
-it is ready to serve.
Because it is my 1st time to use microwave oven for roasting papadam,I was careful with the time.
If I talk about the taste, I still prefer the deep fried papadam .But this version is quick & oil free. So in that way it is healthier.
Anyway I am sure, now I will have microwaved papadam for my lunch during office days. It is so easy to prepare & add an extra taste to the meal. I can easily prepare few during my lunch time.... :))

Fryums add a colouful & festive look for the meal,so sharing with following event too....


  1. I have not heard of this food before but it looks very tasty!

  2. MW Papad sounds good and healthy. Thanks for sharing dear.

  3. I have not heared about this food before,but i like crunchy foods,the color so pretty :)

  4. Nice recipe dear..looks so colorful!

  5. I like to eat papadum, they are usually serve with Indian food here. :) But I've not seen the colorful ones before, they look really pretty. :)

  6. wow! didn't know about this! thanks for linking! :)
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    Ongoing events:
    Jingle All The Way &
    Microwave Easy Cooking
    Have a great day!

  7. ok i have tried every combination and regular method but till today i am not able to fry papad or fryums in microwave oven - HELP ME!!!


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